Sunday, 3 April 2011

My Garden

After months of not even being able to set foot into our garden I'm thoroughly enjoying being out there :)  Come rain or shine if it is humanly possible (well, if my knees will let me!) that's where I'll be found ... either pottering around the shed, digging/clearing/planting or taking photo's!

My latest project has been an area just near the entrance to the garden:

April 2010
when we bought the garden

As you can see the tree surgeons helped to clear this area to begin with - it was full of self-seeding trees and a tree that was hogging all the light!
March 2011
In need of some TLC

March 2011
All clear

I must admit, I felt a bit guilty about it all looking so bare, but it is just the beginning of Spring!

April 2011
All finished


  1. My My you have been busy, Velda is a glutton for work in the garden, as well as keeping our garden spick and span she looks after the garden at our Model Boat Club.