Thursday, 21 April 2011

Brian's Greenhouse

A few of days ago we purchased and collected a second-hand greenhouse and while out in the garden in this glorious weather, as Steven was piecing the jigsaw (greenhouse) together, I got thinking about what a fantastic experience it had been!

Brian's Greenhouse, now in our garden :)
Brian had been an avid gardener - I'm hoping having his greenhouse might bring me some luck with my plants!  Ok, that might be asking a bit much, but hopefully he's happy with where it's gone (I even found myself saying, "Sorry Brian" as I was cleaning one of the seed trays and it cracked just a little bit)!  He was obviously a very much loved Dad, Dad-in-law and Granddad and the time we spent with some of his family made me think that there really are some lovely people out there in this world of ours!  So many times people talk about how wicked the world is getting and forget to celebrate the good.

The beautiful Acer that
Brian's family gave to us
So, while I'm pottering around the greenhouse I'm sure, even though I've never met him, Brian will continue have some influence!

So, my blog today is a celebration of all the good that is out there in this world :)

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